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  • The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (also known as the VA) provides health and medical services for US military veterans. Veterans that qualify for VA medical care can receive services at medical facilities found throughout the United States. Available benefits include educational assistance, disability compensation, health coverage, life insurance, burial and memorial benefits, and other assistance.

    Currently, erectile dysfunction has a 0% rating with the VA unless it can be proven that the condition happened as a result of events associated with active duty. For example, diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. If the diabetic condition was caused by a condition that was created from being in active duty, then the resulting erectile dysfunction from diabetes would be classified as a secondary condition. [1]

    Each month, the veteran will receive $100 for his erectile dysfunction only if a doctor can confirm that the erectile dysfunction is a consequence of a condition occurring during active duty.

    How VA Compensation for ED Works

    If a penis deformity occurs from an active duty military event, you will get a 30% disability rating if half of the penis is removed. A 20% rating is given when some of the glands have been removed. If no glands or parts of the penis are removed but the penis is deformed in such a way that it prevents an erection (or the maintenance of an erection), then a 20% rating will be established.

    The VA sometimes prescribes certain medications for pain and mental disorders that may cause erectile dysfunction. If your sex drive or erectile function has been impacted negatively by these medications prescribed by your VA doctor, then you need to let your doctor know because your VA doctor will be instrumental in helping you with your disability claim that could be as high as $1000. [2]

    Some veterans may be hesitant about discussing erectile issues with their doctor because of the negative image associated with men not being able to perform sexually. However, this embarrassment leads them to lose benefits they would have received for having a condition resulting from the side effects of treating another condition. Be aware that you have a right to ask what side effects may occur from the medicines you are prescribed, so you won’t lose out on being compensated for a condition that is a side effect of medical treatment.

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